Vebinārs: Vakcinācija - mīti un realitāte

Webinar “Vaccination: Myths and Reality”

We educate teams on vaccination issues to help companies adapt client and employees communication to Covid-19 epidemiological regulations.

recommended for companies that need to adapt its operational processes to Covid-19 epidemiological regulations

number of participants is unlimited

duration: 2h

if epidemiological regulations allow it, the event can be held offline

When do we recommend the webinar?

Employee vaccination is an issue that every company must address when organizing work during the post-Covid-19 period. In order to help organizations make an informed decision and dispel vaccination-related but unscientific claims, we offer an educational webinar on “Vaccination: Myths and Reality.”

What is the webinar about?

During the webinar, psychotherapist Māris Belte shares scientific facts about the types of vaccines, their effectiveness and side effects, and explains how vaccines protect against the virus. A Q&A session will take place at the end of the webinar.

The participants will receive answers to the following questions:

About Covid-19:

  • Can vaccinated people be carriers of the virus and get sick?
  • Why should vaccinated people continue to wear masks?
  • How long do vaccines protect against Covid-19?
  • If a person has strong immunity, does it protect against Covid-19?
  • Is the immunity acquired after the disease better than after the vaccine?

About vaccines:

  • How do vaccines differ and what are their effectiveness/risks?
  • What side effects of vaccines are acceptable? What should I do if I have side effects after vaccination?
  • Do vaccines cause certain diseases?

What are the benefits for the webinar participants?

  • science-based knowledge of vaccination issues
  • greater confidence in their decision to vaccinate

What are the benefits for the company?

  • employees who are well-informed about vaccination issues