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Supporting change management

WIN partners DISC mācības RNP

What was the client’s need?

Municipality SIA “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” provides multi-apartment housing management services.



The client’s goal was to improve the understanding of department heads about implementing changes in the company by learning the following topics:

  • change management process;
  • people management in the environment of change;
  • management in crisis situations.

What was WIN partners solution?

WIN partners organized “Change Management” training for the team of “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” .

Main learning topics:

  • Why does change affect us and why do some feel good in the environment of change?
  • Emotional intelligence and the 5 balance point method for managing emotions.
  • How to recognize reactions to change in yourself and colleagues?
  • How can I promote change? Personal responsibility.
  • What is the main benefit of the change for me, the team and the organization? How to define it? And how to create it?
  • How to reduce resistance by diagnosing before implementing change?
  • How to support employees in change?
  • What must be included in the change management plan – we create a change project plan.

The WIN partners program “Change Management” was taken as the basis for the training. The planned “RNP” change projects were examined in group works.

The training took place in the winter of 2022. 35 managers of “Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” participated in the two-session online training. The training was conducted by WIN partners management and sales coach Regīna Reķe. After training, participants met with a coach for individual sessions.

Based on the client’s feedback, it can be concluded that the training helped to better understand the change process and think more about the employees’ emotions and feelings during the change.