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Improving client communication

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What was the client’s need?

SIA Swecon is a company that sells and services industrial construction equipment. It is part of the Swedish Lantmännen Group, a farmers’ cooperative and Northern Europe’s leading entity in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food. The company has 85 employees.

The client came with the need to update the skills of an experienced sales team in customer communication.

The training task was to help participants evaluate communication through the prism of the client’s needs and learn effective communication tools for effective communication with the client and resolving objections.

What was WIN partners solution?

WIN partners organized a 6-hour face-to-face training “Insight into communication through the prism of the customer”, led by sales trainer Edgars Auziņš.

The training was structured in three blocks:

  • how to understand what the client needs and what he expects?
  • how to build a constructive and respectful relationship with the client?
  • what are the basic principles of customer communication?

The training took place in April 2022, it was attended by 10 Swecon employees who work with customers on a daily basis.