Employee Experience and Wellbeing

We help companies improve employee experience and discover new opportunities for efficient teamwork. Participants will learn the role of well-being in shaping employee experience and develop steps to improve it.

training is recommended for employees who take care of the employee well-being and want to shape an excellent employee experience in the company

optimal number of participants: 10 employees

duration of the training: online 3,5h x 2, in-person 6h

When do we recommend Employee Experience and Wellbeing training?

  • the company wants to increase employee loyalty and improve employer brand
  • the company has a high turnover of employees
  • the team has burnout symptoms, such as reduced productivity, employees are often ill, they fail to meet
  • the team has a negative emotional background

What is the training about?

The aim of the training program is to help participants evaluate the experience of employees in their organization and develop concrete steps to improve it.

The program answers the following questions:

  • how is employee experience formed?
  • how do individual and organizational values affect employee experience?
  • how does the employee interact with the company and how to manage this process?
  • what is wellbeing and how does it affect employee experience?
  • how does communication in a company affect wellbeing?

What are the benefits for the training participants?

  • understands the process of shaping the employee experience
  • learns how the employee experience affects the company’s reputation
  • develop steps for improving employee experience in the company

What are the benefits for the company?

  • competent employees who are able to develop the company’s team strategically
  • improve the employee experience process