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Manipulation Identification and Critical Thinking in Business

Develop the ability to think critically, recognize attempts of manipulation and use dialogue techniques to be able to obtain and evaluate relevant information

the training is recommended for employees of all levels

optimal number of participants: 12 people

75% of the training are practical tasks

duration of the training: online 3,5h x 3, in-person 6h x 2

When do we recommend training “Manipulation Identification and Critical Thinking in Business”?

  • Employees’ reasoning skills should be improved in order to recognize and avoid manipulation attempts
  • It is necessary to promote employee ability to critically evaluate information and proposals, in order to choose more suitable business solutions and operational strategy
  • Organization wants to improve employee resilience against misleading information and manipulative content

Topics included in the training:

  • What is critical thinking in a business context, what does it involve, how does it manifest itself, how can it be promoted?
  • What limitations of information perception do all people have and how to overcome those?
  • What is manipulation, how to recognize it?
  • How can argumentation skills help in different business situations?
  • How to create a dialogue at different company levels when it is necessary to get a diversity of opinions and choose the best strategy?

What are the benefits for the training participants?

  • The ability to recognize attempts of manipulation and the use of deceptive or manipulative reasoning
  • Understanding of human perception errors and strategies for overcoming them
  • The ability to create a dialogue that is focused on creating results and unique solutions
  • The ability to make better decisions

What are the benefits for the company?

  • A team that can evaluate the quality of information important to the business and is able to recognize manipulation
  • Employees who will be able to constructively assess contradictory issues
  • Employees who are open to different ideas, who know how to express a constructive opinion, receive and evaluate information