MS Teams for Organizational Learning

We help organizational trainers to excel in using MS Teams for providing in-house training. It helps to facilitate exchange of knowledge and skills within the organization and encourage the team to use digital solutions for work needs.

the training recommended for internal trainers

optimal number of participants: 10 employees

duration of the training: 4h x 2

70% of program are practical tasks

the training is available online

When do we recommend the training “MS Teams for Organizational Learning”?

  • the company has internal experts who have to share knowledge with other employees remotely or in a mixed-mode (face-to-face + remotely)
  • any news procedures are introduced in the company and you need to check your employee knowledge

How will this training help to improve the organizational learning experience in your company?

“MS Teams for Organizational Learning” is a two-day business training that provides insight into the functionality of MS Teams for managing in-house training, and allows participants to try out a training scenario. An interval of 1 week between training sessions is recommended to prepare for the second session.

The program provides answers to the following questions:

  • how to organize employee training structure and group work in MS Teams?
  • how to organize and manage participants’ activities online in MS Teams?
  • what are additional digital tools and how to use them to organize online learning?
  • how to ensure the cooperation of group members in the distance learning process?

The training is based on the intensive experience of WIN partner trainers, using MS Teams to provide training. At the end of the program, the participants will have a short training for the group’s other members.

What are the benefits of the training for the participants?

  • knowledge and experience in using MS Teams
  • opportunity to improve digital communication skills
  • knowledge about how to plan and provide training online

What are the benefits of the training for your company?

  • improved exchange of knowledge in the company
  • technically trained internal trainers who can share knowledge using digital tools