Sales Management in CRM System

We help to create a sales funnel with industry-specific stages, agree with the sales team on guidelines for using CRM system to ensure goal-oriented activities and the improvement of sales KPIs.

the training recommended for sales teams

optimal number of participants: 3-5 employees

format: workshop

workshop: 8h preparing activities + 16h workshop sessions

the program is available online

When do we recommend a workshop “Sales Management in CRM System”?

  • using a CRM system does not support sales goals
  • there are many started transactions in the sales funnel
  • the sales specialist does not know what happens to the transaction and what needs to be done to close it
  • each sales specialist performs CRM system activities on their own or does not perform at all
  • there is no common understanding of the role of a CRM system in achieving sales results

How will this practical session help your sales team?

Workshop “Sales Management in CRM System” is aimed to help the sales team to create a smart sales funnel in the CRM system with industry-specific sales stages, tracking tasks, and measurable KPIs.

Under the guidance of WIN partners leading consultant Valters Gražulis, the participants develop guidelines for using a CRM system and understand how to initiate and conclude transactions, achieving the company’s KPI.

What are the benefits for training participants?

  • understanding of the use of the CRM system and its options for optimizing sales processes
  • skills how to quickly and easily capture information, plan sales activities and set priorities when working with your customer portfolio
  • the ability to manage their work results and achieve certain KPIs

What are the benefits for the company?

  • tailor-made sales funnel
  • increased number of transactions and shortened transaction cycle
  • an organized work environment that makes the sales team more efficient
  • managers can easily track KPI fulfillment by month / quarter / year and plan sales activities in the short and long term