Basics of Client Communication

We will teach your team the basic principles of modern communication and purposefully manage the conversation in writing, by telephone and virtually. Participants will learn to understand the client's or partner's needs and adapt the conversation to it.

recommended for sales managers and specialists

optimal number of participants – 10 employees

70% of program are practical tasks

training duration: online 3,5h x 3, in-person 6h x 2

When do we recommend training “Basics of Client Communication”?

  • if your company is working on a new client service standard or is updating it
  • if you need to provide common communication principles for a project team with many stakeholders
  • if the number of dissatisfied clients is growing

What is the training “Basics of Client Communication” about?

The training “Basic principles of client communication” provides an insight into the role of communication when cooperating with internal and external stakeholders.  It also gives participants practical tools for effective communication. During the training, the participants learn to be in the clients’ shoes and to structure the dialogue considering the needs of both sides. The trainer shares the most common communication mistakes and offers solutions for preventing them.

The training provides answers to the following questions:

  • which are the basic principles of communication?
  • how to use these principles in different communication channels – email, phone call, or video call?
  • how to adapt conversation topic to client interests
  • what is the algorithm of successful conversation?
  • how to simplify difficult things during the conversation?
  • what is the difference between incoming and outgoing communication?
  • how to manage emotions during the conversation?

Before the training, we customize its content according to the field and needs of the client. We make research about the daily situations of the client’s team and complement the training program with relevant cases and practical solutions.

What are the benefits for training participants?

  • find out  how to prepare for conversation to succeed a result wanted
  • learn phrases that help to lead the conversation
  • learn the skills, that help to understand the needs and emotions of the client
  • learn to manage emotions while speaking with “difficult” clients

What are the benefits for the company?

  • fewer misunderstandings with clients and business partners
  • loyal clients as they feel that their needs are heard and understood
  • competent employees who can solve difficult communication issues with clients