Business English Communication

We help teams to improve their communication and persuasion skills in English. We teach to overcome unconfidence and provide knowledge for effective communication in an international business environment.

recommended for all level employees who need to communicate in English

number of participants: 8-12 employees

70% of program are practical tasks

duration of the training: 4h x 4 + 1h individual feedback session for each participant

the training is available online

When do we recommend Business English Communication training?

  • if the company operates in several countries and the corporate language is English
  • if the company cooperates with international partners with whom it must communicate in English
  • if there are employees whose job responsibilities require professional communication in English, lack the necessary skills and self-confidence

How will this training help to improve Business English skills in your team?

The aim of the training is to prepare participants for daily communication with teammates or business partners in English. The training consists of 4 sessions, each 4h long. An interval of 1 week is recommended between sessions to apply what participants have learned in practice or to do homework. In addition, a 1-hour individual session is recommended for each participant to provide personalized feedback after the end of the program. During the training, employees learn the recommended structure of various types of corporate communication (written, face-to-face, distance conversations (individual and team), as well as appropriate means of expression in English (words, phrases, sentence structures).

During the training the participants develop intercultural communication skills:

  • written communication (emails, offers, messages, mailing lists)
  • individual meetings (1:1 evaluation meetings)
  • team communication (chairing meetings, presenting, negotiating, problem-solving)

The training is based on the recommendations of Pearson Business Partner language means of expression, principles of public speaking training, and coaching. At the end of the program, participants have applied the acquired skills in real business situations at least once and felt an improvement in communication.

The training is conducted in English, using Latvian language explanations if necessary.

What are the benefits for training participants?

  • overcomes lack of confidence when communicating in English
  • improves communication efficiency
  • get knowledge to reduce communication misunderstandings

What are the benefits for the company?

  • improves cooperation with both international colleagues and business partners