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Improving presentation skills


What was the client’s need?

Atea Global Services is the leading Nordic and Baltic IT infrastructure supplier and the second largest provider of IT infrastructure solutions in Europe. 

The client wanted to develop presentation skills for the sales and operations team, who present IT product solutions in person and remotely on a daily basis.


The following tasks were set for the training:

  • Develop speaking skills and the ability to listen to customer needs
  • Learn to effectively deal with conflict situations
  • Promote self-expression of participants and improve communication skills

What was WIN partners solution?

WIN partners organized “Presentation skills” training for the Atea Global Services team.

Main learning topics:

  • Basics of communication, associations, noises in conversation and the ability to hear. Improvisation in conversation.
  • Adaptation to the conversation partner. Structuring, how to say the complex simply?
  • Body language and emotions in conversation.
  • Charisma and my communication strengths.
  • Use of statuses in speech and communication, adaptation to different types of conversations.
  • Reaction in unpredictable situations, quick finding of new ideas and solutions.

WIN partners program “Presentation skills” was taken as the basis for the training. Before the training, a survey was organized to adapt the content to the needs of the participants, as well as to the specifics of the company and industry. After the training, the participants met with the coach for a follow-up session to share experiences and insights.

The training took place in the spring of 2022. 9 Atea Global Services sales and operational team employees participated in the three-session training. The training was led by WIN partners communication coach Aija Iesalniece.