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Updating client service guidelines

Europcar mācības | WIN partners

What was the client’s need?

Europcar is a French company that offers short-term and full-service car rental services. Currently operating in 140 countries covering Europe, North America, West Asia and Africa. One of the branches operates in Riga.

As the customer portfolio grew, the company needed to structure and improve the customer service process. The management of the company was aware that the role of the skills of customer service specialists will increase in the coming years, so they decided to organize a training.

What was WIN partners solution?

WIN partners organized training for the Europcar team “Excellent customer service and communication”.

Three tasks were set for the training:

  • strengthen the communication skills of the customer service team with different types of customers, including negative ones
  • help employees adjust work with the client in different formats: face-to-face, telephone and e-mail
  • show how customer service affects company results

The WIN partners program “Basic principles of customer communication” was taken as the basis for the training curriculum.

Before the training, interviews were organized to adapt the content to the skill level of the participants, as well as to the specifics of the company and industry.

The training took place in April 2022. 8 Europcar employees participated in the on-site two-session training. The training was led by WIN partners sales trainer Regīna Reķe.