DISC Model for Business Communication

We will teach your team to recognize four models of human behavior. This will facilitate mutual communication, help to argue constructively and encourage deal with even the most difficult client.

recommended for managers, sales specialists and customer service consultants

optimal number of participants – 10 employees

70% of program are practical tasks

duration of the training: online 3,5h x 4, in-person 6h x 2

the program is available online

When do we recommend DISC® training?

  • there are often misunderstandings and disputes on a daily basis in your team
  • customers are not satisfied with the quality of service
  • the sales team is unable to adapt to different types of customers
  • managers cannot find a common language with all team members

What is DISC® training about?

DiSC® * is a two-day training on four behavioral types and their combinations. Participants will learn to understand other behaviors and adapt to them to achieve the goal. For example, to conclude business negotiations, deal with problem situations with the client, improve the microclimate in the team. The training includes 8 practical tasks that allow participants to use the knowledge gained during the training by modeling work situations.

* from English: Dominance, Inducement, Submissive, Compliance

What are the benefits for training participants?

  • better self-understanding and confidence – each participant gets a personal behavioral profile and suggestions for adapting their behavior to different situations
  • developed empathy for colleagues and clients – employees learn to understand the motives of their own and other people’s behavior
  • improved interaction and conflict resolution skills – when participants learn to recognize patterns of behavior in other people’s actions, they are able to choose the most effective strategy in everyday communication and in case of disputes
  • developed leadership skills – the knowledge gained in the program help the manager to  understand employees better and lead the team more effectively

What are the benefits for the company?

  • faster decision-making
  • more effective dispute resolution
  • respectful work environment
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