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Employee Motivation and Engagement

The program helps to you learn ways to promote employee engagement and internal motivation.

the training is recommended for heads of structural units, departments and teams, as well as HR professionals

optimal number of participants: 12 people

70% of the training are practical tasks

duration of the training: online 3,5h x 2, in-person 6h

When do we recommend “Employee Motivation and Engagement” training?

  • Employees lack initiative and involvement in the work to be done
  • The manager feels the lack of motivation in the team
  • Everyone is more “on their own” rather than working as a part of the team
  • A leader wants to build a stronger bond with his team

What is the training about?

In recent years, an increasingly important role has been assigned to the well-being of employees, and questions arise about how to involve and motivate employees so that they are loyal and contribute to the company’s growth with full dedication. How to develop the internal motivation of employees and what practical tools to use so that the quality of work and employee loyalty do not depend only on the financial benefits and remuneration?

Topics included in the training:

  • What is the basis of motivation and how does it manifest itself in everyday life?
  • Meeting our diverse needs at work
  • Why is the manager not responsible for everything and what is the employee’s role in engagement?
  • Extrinsic and intrinsic motivational practices that restore and maintain employee engagement
  • What creates employees’ emotional well-being and happiness?
  • 8 motivational principles that maintain a positive internal work environment

What are the benefits for the training participants?

  • Knowledge of the basic principles of motivation and their impact on daily work
  • Ability to understand the different needs of employees
  • Practical methods to promote and re-establish engagement with employees
  • Participants will get to know themselves better and discover their sources of motivation

What are the benefits for the company?

  • Closer cooperation between managers and employees
  • More motivated and engagement-oriented employees
  • A more positive and efficient work environment