Moderating Strategic Events

We help organizations structure the strategy development and stay focused during this process. We organize events that help explain the strategy to employees and change their behavior to achieve the strategic objectives.

What are strategic events about?

Strategic events are activities provided by WIN partners consultants to support business strategy development and communication with employees. We offer solutions for strategic events tailored to the needs of our clients, which help to find answers to the following questions:

  • how to organize and structure the strategy development process?
  • how to effectively involve the management team in strategy development?
  • how to communicate the strategy to the organization’s employees?
  • how to bring changes in employee behavior so that the strategy is implemented?

How can WIN partners help to develop a business strategy and assist with its communication within an organization?

We organize events that help clients structure the strategy development process, communicate the adopted strategy to the company’s managers and integrate the strategic objectives into the daily actions of employees.

Development of strategy The biggest challenges at this stage are usually related to the involvement of the management team and constructive discussion – understanding how and who to involve and how to come to a common solution.

WIN partners consultants help to structure the activities of workgroups and moderate their meetings with the help of various methods, so as not to lose focus and come to specific decisions.

Strategy communication for company employees At this stage, it is important to receive the support of middle-level managers for strategic objectives so that they are included in the daily work of the organization’s structural units.

If the client has already approved the strategy, WIN partners provides support in organizing and moderating strategic meetings.

Changing employee behavior according to strategic objectives When implementing a strategy, it is important to make sure that each unit understands how it can influence the achievement of strategic goals through its work.

At this level WIN partners organize seminars, team-building and other events that help to change employee behavior in accordance with strategic objectives.