One Method Training

We offer teams to learn one of the methods our coaches use in business training FOR FREE. At the end of the training, participants will be able to immediately apply the learned method in their work. Apply!

What is One Method Training?

One Method Training is a free online workshop led by a WIN partner trainer. Your team learn a specific method for better people management, effective communication, or sales skills during the training. Training takes place in MS Teams or Zoom.

  • you can apply a group of 6-10 people
  • each participant must have an access to computer with audio and video options

What are the benefits of One Method Training?

  • free opportunity to “test” one of the WIN partners business training programs
  • compact training structure: one method at a time equivalent to the duration of the meeting
  • simple organization: training takes place remotely on MS Teams or Zoom platform
  • efficient use of employees’ time without disturbing the daily work rhythm
  • specific application of knowledge – 100% practice-based training
  • a small training group that allows involving all participants in the training

When do we recommend applying for One Method Training?

  • if you want to develop a specific skill in your team
  • if you are considering applying for a WIN partner training program and want to see a coach in action or make sure of the content and quality of the methods used in the program

 What methods can be learned?

  • 4 pillars of strategic thinking
  • Trend map for creating new ideas
  • OIS feedback method (SOLD OUT)
  • GROW method for employee development
  • Team coaching
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Kaizen or idea generation
  • A3 problem-solving method

How to apply?

  • Next application will be opened in December 2021.