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Phenotypology for Effective Communication

We teach phenotypology approach as a new opportunity for better communication with colleagues and clients. The training is based on a theory, the proponents of which believe that we can learn about person’s character from his appearance.

the training is recommended for teams and customer service specialists

optimal number of participants: 10 employees

70% of program are practical tasks

duration of the training: 2h, 4h or 8h.

the training is available online

When do we recommend “Phenotypology for Effective Communication” training?

  • the team is looking for non-standard solutions for better mutual communication
  • the team has mastered standard methods of communicating with clients and colleagues but is looking for alternative approaches
  • the company selects an employee and cannot choose the best candidate, so is additionally looking for alternative methods for evaluating potential colleagues

What is the training about?

The program is based on explaining phenotypology approach which helps to understand personality by a person’s appearance. Participants will learn the principles of phenotypology, which allows them to look at themselves and colleagues from a different perspective and find ideas for more successful communication with each other.

What are the benefits for the training participants?

  • opportunity to look at themselves and their colleagues from a new perspective
  • generating ideas for better communication with colleagues and clients

What are the benefits for the company?

  • better team climate
  • efficient customer service
  • greater confidence in staff decisions