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Creating a PowerPoint Presentation for Managers

The training will help participants to quickly create structured and visually attractive presentations

the training is recommended for heads of departments, teams and projects

optimal number of participants: 12 people

80% of the training consists of practical tasks

duration of the training: online 3,5h x 2, face-to-face 6h

When do we recommend training  “Creating a PowerPoint Presentation for Managers”?

  • Presentations are not visually attractive, structured and do not achieve set goals
  • Presentations take too much time to prepare, they don’t look modern
  • Managers need to “refresh” their knowledge or learn about PowerPoint’s latest options and learn tips & tricks
  • Managers have difficulties with  a presentation demonstration online

Topics included in the training:

  • Slide design:
    • image and background editing
    • using SmartArt
    • text formatting
    • drawing shapes
    • application of animation
    • common mistakes and best practices
    • Using and editing slide templates
  • Inserting YouTube videos and other visuals, easy photo manipulation
  • Preparing for a slideshow: specifying slides, presentation options, custom slideshow
  • Online presentation – tips & tricks for a great online presentation, additional tools for audience engagement

What are the benefits for the training participants?

  • Will improve their technical knowledge of creating presentations
  • Will learn tips and tricks that will help to create structured and visually attractive presentations in the PowerPoint environment
  • Learn how to correctly apply company templates and quickly create new presentations
  • Will learn how to effectively conduct an online presentation and engage external tools to achieve company goals

What are the benefits for the company?

  • More effective presentations and more effective teamwork
  • Managers will spend less time making presentations and will be able to achieve company goals more efficiently
  • Improved visual identity and professional external image