Pragmatic Manager

We will help managers to acquire skills for successful team management. We will teach to hold effective meetings, ensure daily communication, measure team performance and deal with conflicts.

the training recommended for future and current leaders

optimal number of participants – 10 employees

70% of the training curriculum are practical tasks

duration of the training: 8 h

the program is available online

When do we recommend the training “Pragmatic Manager”?

  • if there are new managers without team managing experience in your company
  • the team is not effective and cohesive

How will this program help your managers?

The training “Pragmatic Leader” helps current and future leaders to meet the challenges of team leadership. The program provides participants with answers to the following questions:

  • how to unleash an employee’s potential?
  • how to measure team performance?
  • what does the image of the leader mean?
  • how to communicate effectively with employees on a daily basis and during change?
  • how to make meetings an effective team management tool?
  • how to resolve conflicts in a team?

What are the benefits for the training participants?

  • knowledge and skills that help to build a trust in a team
  • self-confidence and motivation to develop a team

What are the benefits for the company?

  • uz mērķi orientētus vadītājus ar līderības prasmēm
  • saliedētāku un efektīvāku komandu
  • uz sadarbību vērstu organizācijas kultūru