Sales Audit

We help organizations to analyze the sales process in the company. We prepare recommendations for improvements that help to create a data-based sales strategy and update the sales process to achieve the intended result.

this service is recommended for companies that want to analyze and improve the sales process

for a company with a team of 10 salespeople the audit can take up to 40 h

all phases of the audit can be passed online

When do we recommend running the Sales Audit?

  • your company fails to achieve sales goals
  • your sales team fails to switch contracts with existing customers
  • your company has a good product or service, but customers do not buy it
  • your sales team no longer detect the “bottle necks” of the sales process that have a direct impact on the sales result

What is the Sales Audit?

The Sales Audit is a comprehensive analysis of the sales process in a company. An audit includes a review of sales strategy, evaluation of sales team work, analysis of data, and sales support software. At the end of the sales audit, the company receives recommendations for achieving sales goals, for example, what can be improved in the current sales process, which activities should be abandoned, and what additional steps should be implemented.

The project is implemented and recommendations are developed by a team of WIN partners business consultants. One of them is the project manager, who communicates with the client and manages the work of the other consultants involved.

What are the benefits for the company?

  • finding out whether the existing sales targets are linked to the sales strategy and the company’s development strategy
  • receiving an overview of the impact of all operationally relevant KPIs on the sales result
  • acquiring an independent view on what can be improved in the current sales process
  • finding out which sales promotion activities are not producing the desired results and which activities are the most effective
  • receiving recommendations for innovations that will help achieve sales goals