Strategic Cooperation Game “The Survivor”

We offer teams to play a game to develop skills necessary for productive collaboration such as strategy development, decision making, mutual trust. "The Survivor" can be played both live and online.

the game is recommended for teams whose performance depends on the ability to communicate effectively, make joint decisions and adapt quickly to changing circumstances

optimal numberof participants: 10 employees

duration: 3 x 2h or 5 x 2h

the game is available both online and offline

When do we recommend Strategic Cooperation Game “The Survivor”

  • the team is looking for an attractive way to develop skills such as collaboration, strategy development, decision making, mutual trust
  • a new team has been formed in the company and it needs a team-building activity

What is the strategic cooperation game about?

The Business game “The Survivor” is an opportunity for the team to develop five important skills for successful cooperation through the game:

  • decision-making in conditions of uncertainty
  • persuasive communication and storytelling
  • team building
  • convincing communication
  • leadership

The team chooses from a list of skills at least three that they want to develop in the game process. One game session is dedicated to each skill. At the end of the session, there is a reflection discussion, in which the participants, under the guidance of the coach, talk about the situations experienced in the game and how they can be transferred to daily work. One session lasts 2 hours.

“The Survivor” can be played both live and online. If the game takes place remotely, then each participant has their own computer with the “Zoom” program and a separate room.

What will the participants gain?

  • the team will try out different models of cooperation, communication, and decision-making in the game format, which will help to see new opportunities in solving daily work situations

What are the benefits for the company?

  • a cohesive team that will work more efficiently and be prepared to take responsibility and make decisions
  • fun activity with added value for the team