WIN partners programma: Digtālo produktu UX dizains

UX Design for Digital Products

We will teach your team to develop user-centric digital products, for example, websites, mobile apps, online shops. Participants will learn the most important methods to provide excellent user experience for your customers.

the training is recommended for those who work with digital product development projects

optimal number of participants: 10 employees

50% of the training curriculum are practical tasks

duration of the training: 5h (3h+2h)

the program ir available online

When do we recommend the “UX Design for Digital Products” training?

  • if the company is going to create or improve its digital product – website, mobile app, online shop ect.
  • if the team is involved in design and development of digital products or services

*A digital product is what a customer interacts with a company through a screen, such as a website, mobile app, online shop, self-service portal.

What is the training about?

The training “UX Design for Digital Products” introduces the basics of design thinking – research, empathy, idea generation, prioritization, prototyping, testing, and how they can be used to develop digital products or services. Our UX experts will show participants examples of what companies get using this development approach. Participants will learn a variety of practical UX design methods, as well as an understanding of when each method can be used.

The program provides answers the following questions:

  • what are the phases of digital product design development?
  • what methods can be used to answer the unclear questions at each stage of the design?
  • how is each of the methods applied in practice, what is the process and results?
  • what tools to use in UX design both onsite and remotely?
  • what is the effect of a user-centered design approach?
  • what are the examples of the development of digital products of leading Latvian and Baltic companies and state institutions?

The training consists of two parts, the first is dedicated to the theoretical basics of UX, while in the second part, the participants learn one of the methods for improving the user experience: user interviews, usability tests, user journey mapping, or design sprint.

What are the benefits for the training participants?

  • learn the basics of design thinking
  • gain an understanding of systematic action to improve the experience of different user experiences
  • learn various practical methods to improve the user experience of digital products
  • learn about different tools that can be used both on-site and remotely
  • see how this approach adds value to the business through practical examples

What are the benefits for the company?

  • informed decision-making about digital product development processes
  • competent staff who are familiar with the digital product design process
  • effective digital solutions based on user needs