WIN partners mācības vadītājiem Tand Ukri

Supporting and promoting managers growth

WIN partners mācības vadītājiem Tand Ukri

What was the client’s need?

SIA “TAND UKRI” is one of the largest and fast growing agricultural companies in Latvia. 

The company’s work has a typical seasonal nature – in order for employees to be able to maintain a high level of involvement in a dynamic work environment, a manager who supports and motivates them plays a very important role.

The aim of the training was to support and promote the growth of managers so that they could more successfully:

  • create a safe environment;
  • maintain a respectful communication;
  • maintain a trusting attitude with the employees, supporting and motivating them.

What was WIN partners solution?

WIN partners organized training for “Tand Ukri” management team, where two programs “From Specialist to Manager” and “Manager’s Restart” were combined. Management skills and communication trainer Agnija Šmite adjusted the content of the trainings, putting the necessary emphasis and supplementing with nuances and activities relevant to the company, taking into account the various experiences and competencies of managers.

Three face-to-face training sessions took place in March and April 2023. The team of “Tand Ukri” managers participated in the training. Participants completed practical tasks between sessions.