Management & Leadership

We will help your company's managers to learn and combine leadership and management methods in order to reduce overtime working, improve their task delegation and team management skills.

the training recommended for middle and high-level managers

optimal number of participants – 10 employees

70% of the training curriculum are practical tasks

duration of the training: 4h x 4

the program is available online

When do we recommend managers the Management & Leadership program?

  • managers often work overtime
  • managers try to make friendly relationships with employees, which affects team performance
  • managers do not know how to delegate and solve technical issues on a daily basis, instead of leading and planning teamwork

How will this training help to improve Management & Leadership skills?

The goal of the Management & Leadership training program is to teach managers the leadership (managers vs team) and management (managers vs results) methods and how to mix them according to their needs. This training helps managers to grow their self-confidence, support their team in stressful work situations, and improve their skills to concentrate and take responsibility for their actions during turbulent times.

The training provides answers to the following questions:

  • what is the difference between management and leadership?
  • how can a manager develop leadership skills?
  • who is a good leader?
  • how to manage team performance?
  • how to delegate?
  • how to understand which of the management and leadership methods is relevant in each specific situation?

What are the benefits for training participants?

  • they learn about differences between leadership and management methods and how to apply them on a daily basis
  • they define their current level of leadership and how to improve it
  • they get an action plan to be followed to reach the next level of leadership

What are the benefits for the company?

  • leaders who are ready to take responsibility for their actions
  • better business performance as managers became better leaders for their teams labāku