Virtual Onboarding

We will help your team to adapt onboarding process to the digital environment and successfully integrate new colleagues in a remote team.

the training recommended for managers and HR specialists

optimal number of participants – 10 employees

duration of the training: 8h

the program is available online

When do we recommend the Virtual Onboarding program?

  • the company has an onboarding program, but it is not adapted for online implementation
  • the company does not have an onboarding program, and after the transition to remote work, new colleagues must be integrated virtually

How will the Virtual Onboarding training help your company?

The onboarding program is recommended for managers and HR specialists. During the training, WIN partners consultant helps the participants to adapt the onboarding processes to online format so the new colleagues can be integrated into the team remotely.

The program provides answers to the following questions:

  • how is digital onboarding different from face-to-face activities?
  • what is important for a new employee in a remote team?
  • what are the basic principles of the onboarding process?
  • how to build a relationship with a new colleague before he starts work, on the first day, in the first week, and in the first months?
  • how to virtually convey cultural, value, and informal norms of behavior?
  • how to foster a sense of belonging to new colleagues?

What are the benefits for the training participants?

  • knowledge of the needs of new employees when starting to work in a remote team
  • a detailed action plan for the digital onboarding of new colleagues
  • a practical tool for remote team management

What are the benefits for the company?

  • motivated new employees
  • confident managers who are able to lead remote teams